The central objective of the E-MARIA training course is to deepen knowledge on intimate partner violence (IPV), on the one hand, and on risk assessment and management, on the other hand. The training addresses all professionals who provide frontline services for victims of intimate partner violence (IPV), with special focus on legal, paralegal and judicial professionals and law enforcement authorities as well as all professionals who intervene in the field of IPV, taking into account that the implementation of risk assessment has an impact on all levels of the intervention.

The training is based on a combination of e-learning materials that are complemented by face-to-face sessions. The online modules are designed as self-learning course for an individual, and with interaction in a group. They are delivered on a specifically designed Moodle platform. The word Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. The platform is a free and open-source e-learning platform (no licence fees are required) and provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge independently at their pace. To follow the e-learning training an Internet connection is always required.




The E-MARIA training consists of six modules:

The sequence of the modules as illustrated above is not compulsory, i.e. as far as the e-learning is concerned each learner can select, where to start and how to go on. According to the modular approach it is above all up to the learners to choose their learning path. Ideally, the e-learning modules are complemented by two days of face-to-face workshops.